Are you putting yourself last?

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My guess is that this one is an easy answer. You saw the title of this post and immediately said, “Yep! I’m totally last on my own list”. Here’s the question, though? Are you proud of this? Do you see it as an accomplishment that you can be put together for everyone else in your life, but when it comes to your own self, you don’t even show up?

The scary thing is that, as moms, many of us do. We think that we’re a great mom, spouse, daughter and friend because we think about and care about everyone else before we think about “me”.

News flash! I’m here to tell you that not giving yourself some love and care is actually hurting you, and everyone else around you. Here’s why…

What do your kids get when you’re exhausted?

What does your spouse or partner get when you don’t feel good about yourself?

They all get a version of you that isn’t really you. But what they all really need is the very best version of you. AND YOU DO TOO!

So, it’s time to stop feeling proud of being rundown and taking on everyone else’s problems except your own. It’s time to stop overcommitting yourself to prove you can do it all. It’s time to get really clear with yourself about what YOU need. And once you do, the most important people in your life will begin thriving right along with you.

So, how do you put yourself first? Here are a few simple places to start:

  • Write in a journal every day for at least five minutes. There are no rules…just write how you’re feeling, your dreams, your gratitude.
  • Get an accountability partner. Find a friend you can connect with daily and tell them one way you’re taking care of yourself today.
  • Sit for 30 minutes. Yes, just sit. Like, grab some tea or a coffee and sit with your thoughts for 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed at what comes up and how clear your life becomes when you give yourself the chance to just be.
  • Celebrate yourself. When something goes right, cheer yourself on.  Finished a big project at work…take a deep breath in and smile about it. Got the laundry done and put away…go take a short walk to relax. No matter how big or small, celebrate everything you’re able to get done each day and don’t punish yourself for what you don’t.

No more excuses. Find something from the list above that feels easy to you and get started…today!

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