Maybe it’s happening for you

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There are times when life just seems hard. Let me take that back…there are times when life simply is hard. There are days when we just don’t know how to take another step forward. Something has happened to us, we say. Why is this happening to me, you think.

But then we come out on the other side of those tough times and we’re stronger. We don’t really know why, but somewhere between the “really hard” and the “it’s going to be okay”, there’s a shift. Life gets a little bit easier each day. One foot slowly moves in front of the other. Soon enough the wave has passed.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe a tough time in your life isn’t happening to you, but rather for you? Could it be that, in order to become a stronger person, you needed to experience something not so great?

An annoying reality? Sure. But one that we can learn from and one that may make the not so good actually tolerable. Because, after all, we always do come out on the other side. The terrible time will end and we will resume regular life again. Except, now, we’ve navigated some choppy waters.

What if you tried to find one positive that came out of such a negative time? Can you shift your mindset for a moment to one of growth? Without discounting the pain you experienced, think about what you gained from it. A new outlook. A new appreciation. A new desire. Find anything that can help you better understand why you had to endure the hardship.

And guess what? This won’t be the last time one of these waves shows up on your doorstep. Hopefully, this time, you’ll be a little more prepared and understand that the bad is happening for you. Find meaning in it and ride the wave.

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